Information, news and fun stuff to look at. What would you add?

Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans of Foreign Wars for those that qualify
The American Legion Pretty much if you were ever in the military, you qualify.
Disabled American Veterans
The reason veterans have the benefits they now have is because someone made sure we were taken care of. Help take care of hte next generation of vets by joining veteran organizations now.
Student Veterans of America

News and Media
Stars and Stripes
Military times
Army Times
AirForce Times
Navy Times
Marine Corps Time

Funny stuff:
Skippy’s List. If you think all soldiers are clone troopers, this will dispel that notion. There are more soldiers like him than mindless robots.
The Duffel Blog (If you don’t know these are a joke, you might not be smart enough to read this blog.)
Terminal Lance (some might be more funny for Marines than other services)

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