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Hazing in the Military

By Peter Sessum In April 1994, I was standing on a drop zone after the final jump in Airborne School. Now, I was a paratrooper. It was a proud moment for me. I was still a new Private, fresh out … Continue reading

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U.S. Soldiers Murdering Civilians is an Anomaly in War

By Peter Sessum In 2010 in my mass media law class at the University of Washington a student stated matter of factly that soldiers are specifically trained to target children. I don’t really blame him, he is only going off … Continue reading

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In Afghanistan, What You Learn as a Parent Can Save Lives

So there I was, on a chopper in Afghanistan, no shit. Since I was wearing the headset to communicate with the pilot, I couldn’t sleep on the way out. A mistake I would not make again. “One minute,” the disembodied … Continue reading

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Introduction to Army Leadership

By: Peter Sessum Leadership in the Army is heavily discussed and written about. It always seems to be viewed from the perspective of the academic gentleman. Trust me, there are two things you don’t want in a firefight is academics … Continue reading

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Do Not Make SSG Bales a Victim

By: Peter Sessum There is one thing America loves, and that is a hero. We love winners. The winner gets to go to Disneyland, do you know where the loser goes? Nobody cares, they lost. If we can’t have a … Continue reading

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